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About Sweet Life Bakery

Sweet Life Bakery was created in 2015 out of Dani's home kitchen. 

after her second child, she left her position of Pastry Chef at Grand View Lodge to stay at home and enjoy motherhood. From there Dani started baking birthday cakes for friends and family as a hobby .. little as she knew that was the beginning of something big.

"Staying at home was great but I also love going to work" Dani decided to create the perfect mix of work and family time by renting a 700sq space on Main Street in Pequot Lakes with the main focus being weddings, custom cakes and other specialty desserts witch allowed her to work around the kids school hours.

In 2017 the bakery welcomed team members Samantha Kottschade and Clarissa Carey,

In 2018 Sweet Life Bakery catered more than 60 weddings in the Brainerd Lakes Area, Walker and Minneapolis. we also provided of Beautiful Celebration Cakes to a big number of families, thousands of macarons out of our retail locations and birthday cakes for companies like Clansen Accounting and Northern Psychiatric Association..

We are proud to be preferred vendors at Grandview Lodge, Craguns Resort, White Fish Properties Weddings, Pine Peak Event Center, Quarterdeck Resort, BWB Ranch, Breeze Point Resort and Prairie Bay Catering.

On November of 2018 Sweet Life Bakery moved into a 9000 sq building in Colaboration with Latte Da Coffee and Gifts. on this bigger space we wil be able to add equipment to provide of more sweetness to our beloved community and friends from near and far! 

On December of 2018 our Brand grew to be present at Grand Outfitters Coffee Shop of Grandview Lodge, Petals and Beans Nisswa, Among the Pines,Prairie Bay Restaurant and off course our home building and collaborators Latte Da Coffee and Gifts. 

We are so grateful of the opportunity to share the art of baking from scratch, the love and the dedication for each cake, cookie or sweet treat we make. We truly believe that we can make a difference one cupcake at a time to keep the old fashion way of baking alive, the memories made in the kitchen, the family gatherings, the excitement and happiness when you see your birthday cake for the first time, the love on that first slice of cake as a husband and wife.. the woods, the lakes, the fresh air on a spring day.. all of that is The Sweet Life.. 


About Dani: Owner, Founder, Creator.

You can have your cake and eat it, too! Daniella (Dani) Sutin believes everything can be enjoyed in moderation. And as a certified yoga instructor, she should know!

Dani was born and raised in Santiago Chile, graduated from Culinary School in 2006 and moved to the United States that same year to accept an internship in Vail, Colorado. A year later, Dani made the move to the renowned Brainerd Lakes Area where she worked in the resort industry as a pastry chef, as well as began her own business in baking.

Growing up in Chile, you quickly learn that food is about so much more than making you full. It’s about making memories.

 The smell of bread baking or a cake in the oven brings me back to my childhood. My Aunt Gloria always made our birthday cakes from scratch. It was a Chilean custom to honor a birthday with an elaborate cake. The cake was truly viewed as a symbol of how much you cared about that person.  An inexpensive, store-bought cake was never acceptable. 

 Food always played an important role in my Chilean heritage. We spent much time baking, cooking, visiting farmers markets, and in family gatherings preparing our favorite dishes. My uncle Edward owned a small farm, about two hours from Santiago, where we used to visit on the weekends with my cousins, grandma, and mom. And every morning, my uncle’s workers would leave fresh baked bread, butter, milk, eggs, and jelly by our door.

 I bake now to keep those memories alive: the smells, the family gatherings, the big birthday parties, and the conversation around the kitchen table while peeling green beans and chopping herbs.

 In these busy times when everything moves so fast, I believe it's important to create and keep traditions in our families. I also believe in healthy, whole foods with treats in moderation. It’s important to teach our children where our food comes from and how to prepare meals using natural ingredients.

 I miss mi familia, and they are definitely the ‘why’ behind Sweet Life Bakery. Each and every time I bake, I am keeping them close and those sweet memories alive.

When she's not baking, Dani is enjoying the Sweet Life With the Family (Brent, Samuel and Stella), Working out at her favorite spot Takedown Gym, Snowboarding, Paddleboarding or watching Netflix with a slice of Cake ;) 

Our Team