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Cake Nostalgia

This cake for some reason made me realize how far we have become from the first creation made in my home kitchen..

The first weeding cake I made was a two tier marble for my brother in law and his beautiful wife. At that point, I had no idea how to make a tiered cake, buttercream or making cake from scratch, lol!! so yes I am a trained Chef but that doesn't mean much. I had only the knowledge of various methods after culinary school but not experience in the real kitchen life. 

I learned most of my skills in the kitchens I worked at from 2006 to 2016 and I did a lot of self studying ,online search,youtube, Instagram, books, tools, and many hours of practice. the most important thing is that I keep learning from every situation and from all the people I met during those years. I learned the importance of team work and that a title does nothing if is not used to empower and lead a group of people in a positive environment.

for many this can be a pretty cake.. for me, it's the work of the last 7 years of learning the pastry arts, the team that makes it happen everyday witch I'm so grateful for and the desire of more. 

as I stood back just looking at this cake and set up, a feeling of joy came into my body, of how great it is to be able to make a living of something that I love to do, with a killer team for a beautiful community. life is good folks! I hasn't always been that way though, but you know what ? 

Life is what you bake it. 

I realized that this last couple of years.. a dream it's just a dream without you taking action. the more scared you are the better, dream big! 

and the most important.. NEVER GIVE UP. it's not easy, it takes work, tiers and sweat but it's so worth it.

We are the Sweet Life peeps and we believe in baking memories one cake at a time..