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Welcome to the Sweet Life !

Hello Friends!

this is my first time writing on the blog.. 

I would like to apologize in advance for any grammar error, English is my second language :) 

but is not stopping me to communicate about things that I want to share. there was one time a person suggested on me not writing on a business page because of it, I have to say that it took me years to overcome of the fear to express myself in writing after that experience, I don't really know why I was so scared. even if my grammar is not the best, right now, at this very moment, I don't really care. I just want to share with people. maybe someone will relate or find it entertaining !! so here is to the freedom to expression ! whohohoho! 

so back to the title.. the beginning..

the truth? well to be honest, I never expect this to happen. yep that's right.

in fact, I can remember the day at culinary school when we had to make a cake, it was an orange sponge cake with some jelly concoction in between the layers. it was one of my first times baking and, you know what ? I was very proud of my work of art.

the teacher approached to me and looked at my cake and he just started laughing !

OMG he said, this cake is terrible! just in front of all my class... I felt the tiers coming but I managed to stay cool and laughed back. after that I didn't want anything to do with baking, it wasn't cool enough, it was for girly girls not for a bad ass person like myself. 

 my last day of culinary school 2006 

did I tell you I always liked to hang out with dudes? I don't know why.... maybe because they are more simple less complicated beings? I feel like i'm not very emotional like other females, I don't like drama or any drama related confrontation..  anyways, I wanted to be like Tony Bourdain and travel the world, total free spirit! I had a great group of friends at school, all dudes. I recall those 4 years as the best and more fun years of my life ! we would talk food all day and dream about having big restaurants or traveling and maybe becoming a TV star like Ina Garten or Alton Brown!

my gang! Pepe, Ismael and Prochi  .. I don't think I could laugh that hard again like I did with this trio of goofballs!  

My idea was to become a chef and travel.. rock and roll style. no marriage no children. I was 24 years old and I was ready to fly!

When I finally got the opportunity to do my first international internship in nothing less than Vail CO! I was so exited I couldn't believe it. and you know, the real reason why this happen was because I got my sweet heart broken and I totally manifested that I needed to get out of the country to move on with my sad life. Now that I look back and think "destiny" because that day walking down the hall at school and seriously all the sudden looking at this 4x4 sign that said "interviews to Vail Monday 2:30pm" change my entire life.

Every now and then I think about those times, I was just going with the flow, no worries. well some worries of never feel love again, or OMG when is this heartache is going to end! lol! 

I just wanted to go far away and be someone new, meet people, see the world, eat good food! forget about my ex-boyfriend and his super stunning new girlfriend. I think the worst thing that can happen is to break up with a dude and find out that he is dating  someone hotter than you. NOT COOL. okay, what I was going with this is that you have to follow the signs!!!life will throw you a bunch of signs, know how to follow them! when you don't know what to do or what decision to make, look around and you will find them. just like I did. 

after I was accepted on the internship it was like a new wave of energy came in to my body, I was ready to experience the next chapter, learn, practice my English and forget.. see sometimes is better to walk away of a painful situation and bring yourself to a complete new environment to heal. you heart can,t feel what you don't see or something like that my mom used to say. 

little I knew, that trip was going to be the beginning of my Sweet Life.